Hi, I'm a Product Manager & UX Designer from Nordsjælland, Denmark. I help companies design profitable web applications.
  • Name:Niels A. Kristiansen
  • Email:niels@nikri.dk
  • Phone:+45 4042 0213
  • Date of birth:7 september 1979
  • Nationality:Danish

How can I help you as a Product Manager

The 4 steps

Focus on the product

With so many to-do’s on ones plate, it is always easier to "go with the flow". I will be "ruthless" when prioritising my tasks and features of a product.
How do I focus:

  • I look at the big picture and take an objective look at the spectrum of things, and thereafter decide what features are truly important to the users of the product. Eliminate or fade out everything else.
  • I be clear on which expectation of the need for various stakeholders in the product.
  • Be sure to get the support of the right people and resources, and be sure that the top management can allocate the right resources to see it through to completion.
  • Always re-evaluate what’s important – How can we make sure the product become better, faster and cheaper.

Continuosly update myself

The skills that I use on a project will sooner og later become obsolete. That’s the very nature of technology. The only way to ensure I stay ahead of the curve is to continuously expanding my knowledge and learn new technology.
Here is how I keep myself updated:

  • Releated courses through LinkedIn Learning and conferences
  • Reading books and forums on the subject
  • Listen to podcasts

Brush up my people skills

As a Product Manager, I work closely with many different types of persons in an organisation, some of which will form a core team. Being a solid team player I ensures the job gets well done.
This is how I work with my team:

  • I start by sharing the vision for the product, so everyone is onboarded and are clear with their responsibilities.
  • It's okay to make mistakes - in fact it's important to fail in the early stage of a produt. Nothing great has ever been built without failing. So instead of avoid, then we will learn from our mistakes.
  • Everyone should be involved. The product is my responsibility, but great thoughts can come from any person in team, customers and other stakeholders. I listen to my team and encourage both opinions and their ideas.
  • I want to understand what everyone in my team does. Not a high level, but at least on basic level.

Develop my skills

To improve my core competencies as a Product Manager, I often step outside my comfort zone to familiarise myself with the work that others do. As a product manager I can wear multiple hats and I'm curious about every little aspect in the project.
I have experience and wants to learn more in these areas:

  • I have hands-on User Experience, from roughboard to high-fidelity prototypes
  • I'm a Frontend Developer and have working knowledge in coding (Ecosystems like AngularJS, VueJS, React, MongoDB, NodeJS)
  • I have basic knowledge on marketing, sales and IT architecture
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What have I done


What people say

Clients Words

Niels was responsible for our websites, including the development and operation of these. He is widely founded in analytics and the user's behavior (UX). He launched Nabolotteriet on time, and quickly got small bugs out of the way.

Anders Søgaard Nielsen Marketing Director | Klasselotteriet

It was a pleasure to work together with Niels. His knowledge is vast and thorough and he has exceptional experience in UX/UI Design, Web development, Project management & Team management.

Archana Gohel QA Manager | GAN Integrity

Niels is a skilled, well-liked and committed colleague. In 2017 and 2018 we worked together on a joint project in Microlearn.io, where Niels had the overall responsibility for the development of an IT system.

Jakob Thrane Learning Manager | Microlearn.io

Niels uses both his excellent technical and communication skills to succeed in his position since deeply integrated in the marketing and sales function.

Anders Lisberg Petersen Country General Manager | Contex A/S
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